South Orange County Community College District Faculty Association




10.  SOCCCDFA is affiliated with NEA, the largest educational organization in the world, plus CTA & CCA.

9.  NEA (National Education Association), CTA (California Teacher’s Association) & CCA (Community College Association), actively pursue legislation  to promote fair practices for faculty in public educational institutions.

8.  NEA & CTA membership includes travel, entertainment and major purchase discounts as well as optional financial services.

7.  NEA & CTA memberships each include limited life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

6.  NEA & CTA membership includes $1 Million Educators Employment Liability Insurance.  It also entitles you to legal counsel and representation in work-related matters.

5.  SOCCCDFA represents faculty interests in election campaigns for the Board of Trustees. Election outcomes have a direct effect on overall work environment, compensation, priorities, culture and morale in the District.

4.  SOCCCDFA directly assists all faculty in filing contract related grievances.

3.  SOCCCDFA negotiates your compensation and working conditions.

2.  Becoming a member gives you a vote in all of the above.

1.  You are already paying!  

Fair Share/Agency Fee
Beginning in Fall 2010 the SOCCCD Faculty Association has changed to Fair Share membership.
What is Fair Share/Agency Fee?
Fair Share is when employees are required to either join a union or pay the organization a fee as a condition of employment.  Employees affected include all faculty in the collective bargaining unit.  Since the union must represent every employee within the bargaining unit, whether or not the employee is a member of the union the agency fees are intended to compensate for this representation. 

Become a Member!

There are many benefits to becoming a full member such as voting privileges, financial services, travel and entertainment and major purchase discounts.  Your dues provide $1 million in Educators Employment Liability Insurance, and additional life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance. 
To become a member please download and print the Member Enrollment Form under the "Documents and Links" button on the left.  Complete the requested information and sign.  Leave the dues amounts blank as those will vary depending upon your employment status.  Feel free to fill in voluntary contribution amounts, however.  

Submit the form by any of the following methods: 
Questions about the form?  Contact Jenny Langrell, Membership Chair.  (Please put SOCCCDFA Membership in subject line)

or 949-4453

The SOCCCD Faculty Association will be updating membership information in light of the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the Janus case as soon as we have a better understanding of the decisions and its effects. 

Rest assured, however, that your membership has not changed and that you continue to enjoy all benefits, rights, and protections your SOCCCD, CTA, and NEA memberships afford.