Contributions Needed

The Faculty Association PAC desperately needs your contribution to prepare for the next Trustee elections in 2024.

If you contribute just $20 a month, less than the cost of a weekly latté, you could help change the District. Please fill out the Payroll Deduction Form and deliver it to a Faculty Association officer or representative as soon as possible.

Through automatic withdrawal, the contribution is absolutely painless: it will come out of your paycheck automatically, and you will not even notice that it’s gone.  But you will notice the effects. We are going into negotiations that may be protracted, and it is is imperative that we have a strong Association and support of faculty-friendly trustees.  In the last election, the Association was able to help re-elect a faculty-friendly trustee, and we hope to do so in the upcoming election as well. To ensure that we are prepared for the election, we need your contributions. Remember, just $20 a month will make little difference to your wallet now, but it could make a huge difference in your future.
Thank you for your generosity.

PAC Members, 2022-2024

  • Melanie Haeri, President
  • Lewis Long, Past-President
  • Robert Melendez, President-Elect
  • Frank Gonzalez, Treasurer
  • Marianne Wolfe, Secretary
  • Jenny Langrell, Membership Chair
  • Christine Granillo, Part-Time Faculty Chair
  • Claire Cesareo, Past-President
  • Mark Blethen, Past-President
  • Kurt Meyer, Past-President