Fall 2020 Representative Council Meetings

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

*All meetings will be held via Zoom

Monday, September 14th, (Link will be added soon)

Monday, October 5th, (Link will be added soon)

Monday, November 2nd, (Link will be added soon)

Monday, December 7th, (Link will be added soon)


Irvine Valley College

  • Vacant, Business Sciences, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

  • Vacant, Arts, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

  • Parisa Soltani, Guidance and Counseling, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

  • Ted Weatherford, Kinesiology, Health and Athletics, Irvine Valley College (Martin McGrogan, alternate)

  • Daniel Vernazza, Humanities, Irvine Valley College (Virginia Shank, alternates)

  • Kathy Schmeidler, Life Sciences and Technologies, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

  • Carlo Chan, Math, Computer Sciences and Engineering, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

  • Vacant, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

  • Melanie Haeri, Languages and Learning Resources, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)
  • Amy Stinson, Physical Science and Technology, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate) 

  • Vacant, Integrated Design, Engineering, and Automation (IDEA) (vacant, alternate)

Saddleback College

  • Vacant, Advanced Technology and Applied Science, Saddleback College (vacant, alternate)
  • Don Bowman, Business Science and Economic Workforce Development, Saddleback College (Brock Schermerhorn, alternate)

  • Michael Hoggatt, Transfer, Career, and Special Programs, Saddleback College (Ardith Lynch, alternate)

  • Mike Long, Counseling Services, Saddleback College ((Mike Engels, alternate)

  • Bill McGuire, Fine Arts and Media Technology, Saddleback College (vacant, alternate)

  • Jennifer Rohles, Kinesiology and Athletics, Saddleback College (vacant, alternate)

  • Joshua Pryor, Liberal Arts, Saddleback College (Carrie Goulding, alternate)

  • Jenny Langrell, Online Education and Learning Resources, Saddleback College (Lydia Tamara, alternate)

  • Janine O’Buchon, Health Sciences and Human Services, Saddleback College (Loretta Niccola, alternate)

  • Sam Abbas, Mathematics, Science and Engineering, Saddleback College (Frank Gonzalez, alternate)

  • Christina Ghanbarpour, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Saddleback College (Margot Lovett, alternate)

  • Pamme Turner, Emeritus Institute, Saddleback College (vacant, alternate) 

Part-Time Representatives

  • Nancy Allah
  • Susan Bliss
  • Noushin Seddighzadeh
  • Deborah Solon

Representative Council Meeting Minutes