Spring 2021 Representative Council Meetings

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

*All meetings will be held via Zoom

Monday, February 1st, Link Here (https://ivc-edu.zoom.us/j/93069413296)

Monday, March 1st, Link Here (https://ivc-edu.zoom.us/j/97049106749)

Monday, April 5th, Link Here (https://ivc-edu.zoom.us/j/99179464053)

Monday, May 3rd, Link Here (https://ivc-edu.zoom.us/j/96892950375)


Irvine Valley College

  • June McLaughlin, Business Sciences, Irvine Valley College (Carolina KuSSoy, alternate)

  • Jennifer La Curan, Arts, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

  • Parisa Soltani, Guidance and Counseling, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

  • Ted Weatherford, Kinesiology, Health and Athletics, Irvine Valley College (Martin McGrogan, alternate)

  • Daniel Vernazza, Humanities, Irvine Valley College (Virginia Shank, alternates)

  • Kathy Schmeidler, Life Sciences and Technologies, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

  • Carlo Chan, Math, Computer Sciences and Engineering, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

  • Vacant, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

  • Kelicia Galvin, Language and Learning Resources, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternates) 
  • Amy Stinson, Physical Science and Technology, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate) 

  • Massimo Mitolo, Integrated Design, Engineering, and Automation (IDEA) (vacant, alternate) 

Saddleback College

  • Kathleen Lunetto, Advanced Technology and Applied Science, Saddleback College (vacant, alternate)
  • Don Bowman, Business Science and Economic Workforce Development, Saddleback College (Brock Schermerhorn, alternate)

  • Michael Hoggatt, Transfer, Career, and Special Programs, Saddleback College (Ardith Lynch, alternate)

  • Mike Long, Counseling Services, Saddleback College (Mike Engels, alternate)

  • Bill McGuire, Fine Arts and Media Technology, Saddleback College (vacant, alternate)

  • Jennifer Rohles, Kinesiology and Athletics, Saddleback College (vacant, alternate)

  • Joshua Pryor, Liberal Arts, Saddleback College (Carrie Goulding, alternate)

  • Jenny Langrell, Online Education and Learning Resources, Saddleback College (Lydia Tamara, alternate)

  • Janine O’Buchon, Health Sciences and Human Services, Saddleback College (Loretta Niccola, alternate)

  • Sam Abbas, Mathematics, Science and Engineering, Saddleback College (Frank Gonzalez, alternate)

  • Christina Ghanbarpour, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Saddleback College (Margot Lovett, alternate)

  • Pamme Turner, Emeritus Institute, Saddleback College (vacant, alternate) 

Part-Time Representatives

  • Nancy Allah
  • Susan Bliss
  • Noushin Seddighzadeh
  • Deborah Solon

Representative Council Meeting Minutes